Saginated quartz,tourmalinenated quartz,rutailated quartz are some of the most famous and loved gems in Islamic society. Urdu name of this stone is mohe najaf (موہ نجف)

Crystal healers

Crystal healers cabnet also have a special place for the quartz crystals. Specially which are included by long,thin black and golden needles. As quartz is the Master healer in the minerals used to cure different spiritual as well as physical problems. So this gives a direct proportional importance to Saginated quartz.

When U look a faceted,cut piece of mohe najaf with thin straight hair like lines spreaded like a cluster ;the first question which starts to knock your mind is “whose hair are these”


Well there is a very amazing myth in Pakistan,iran,iraq(Muslim countries). That these pieces of quartz are included by the Hair of Holly prophet Muhammad s.a.w or HAZRAT Ali as. Hopefully this blunder was initiated by stone sellers so that they can sale their stones easily. Thats how it got the urdu name mohe najaf(موہ نجف)


But in reality the black hair like inclussion inside rock crystal(quartz) is tourmaline crystals or needles which are traped in side it. Because at the time when the quartz crystal was growing at the same place the tourmaline crystals were also present. And they got trapped in as an inclussion.

Golden hair??

Same is the case of rutailed quartz the rutaile needles also get stuck in rock crystal and give whooping beautiful structure of golden,yellowish hair like look.


My self Muhammad Ali Aqeel Abbas . I'm a certified Gemologist of Pakistan.

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  1. Syed Shah Turab

    First time I read this Clear cut article about rutile quartz for those who are spreading wrong myths for their own benefits
    Shabash for this brave writing

    1. Muhammad Ali Aqeel Abbas

      Jazak Allah

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