Gemstones and Human race

Human beings and Gemstones have a very old relation from every aspect. According to the group of people who claim human beings to be the outcome of a clay(islamic and Christianity believes) man is made from the clay. Here we have a very tricky point.

All type of Gemstones are part of earth structure(same as clay). So there is a spiritual connection between man and gems. As a result both have the same base and hence they attract each other.

First man and first gem

There have been claims that Adam had a belt in which he had a TORQUISE. Later on that passed to his race from one Prophet to another.


Then we have famous claims of ageat and Suleman(as). The beads extracted from old times have so small holes that even laser can’t make such holes. People claim that ghosts created those holes. Moreover Agates are so much related to Hazrat Suleman that agates with bands are called “ SULEMANI AQEEQ” in urdu.

My teacher Syed Amir shah qouted that “All the ageats in this world have very much positive energies. Which can be really helpful for human race but jinns who were slaves of hazrat Suleman as have special hold over ageats”

Moses(as) and Stones

Then coming little later to the time of Moses the Farrow of his time had beads of different stones set in his hair. In addition to that he had different jewels in his beard too. Egyptian also used stones in jewelry as well in magical activities according to history.

We also find the concept of 12 birthstone from 2nd book of Bible. As Mosses(as) announced the 12 stones for chest protestion of his Brother Hazrat Haroon(as).

Hinduism and Stones

Talking about the hindu believes about the stones. They also share a very interesting part of their history with gems. Firstly different Gods had specific love for a specific stone. Secondly fantasized kundli system opening the doors of systems like birthstones.

Sanskrit is a very rich and vast language. It had named different stones from very old times for example ruby as Manak and emerald as Panah,Coral as Monga.

God knows what is exact reality behind Gemstones and humans. Mainly one thing is for sure that Man love gems and gains happiness while interacting with them.

if you want to know more about myths of gemstones read this article:


My self Muhammad Ali Aqeel Abbas . I'm a certified Gemologist of Pakistan.

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