Birthstone of Januray

January is lucky to have Garnet their birthstone. Because Garent stone comes in alot of colours like Red,Purple,pink,orange,green

Kinds of Garnet

There are Alot of species of Garnet stones. Like hessonite garnet,pyrope garnet,almandine garnet,Tsavorite garnet etc. All of these differ from eachother due to colour.

Color change Garnet

Surprisingly The birthstone of January also possesses color change effect. Meaning there by somes stones change color from a shift from one light to Another. Luckily some garent have this quality.

Well watch the video for further details about the Birthstone of Januray.

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My self Muhammad Ali Aqeel Abbas . I'm a certified Gemologist of Pakistan.

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  1. Syed Shah Turab

    Nice information about garnet specially color change garnet

    1. Muhammad Ali Aqeel Abbas

      Thanks for The positivity

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