In This Category I Will Show You All Types Of Bithstones.

Aquamarine The gem of Nagar valley
Aquamarine is a type of minerals

Aquamarine The gem of Nagar valley

Aquamarine Aquamarine is probably the most famous gem of Pakistan. Indeed This blue verity of Beryl family is very famous for specimens and perfect crystals among gems lovers. Aquamarine is…

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Birthstone of Januray Garnet
Garnet, tamra yaqoot

Birthstone of Januray Garnet

Birthstone of Januray January is lucky to have Garnet their birthstone. Because Garent stone comes in alot of colours like Red,Purple,pink,orange,green Kinds of Garnet There are Alot of species of…

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Amethyst Birthstone of February

Amethyst Is the Birthstone of February. Amythist is the purple verity of quartz. A gem which looks very expensive but actually isn't that expensive 😁. Amythest comes with abundance of…

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