Blood stone

Is birthstone of march. Bloodstone is an opaque stone. Moreover a best choice if you are looking for a bigger stone like pendent size or bracelet. In addition to this some people also attach bloodstone with Hazrat Essa(Jesus).


Bloodstone comes in two colors which are a bit tricky 😉. The most famous colour of Bloodstone is Dark Green resembling Flag of Pakistan 🇵🇰 with small red dots which look like blood stanes. Hopefully Bloodstone name was derived due to this. Another color which falls in Bloodstone is a red verity of moss agate.


Well talking about the mines. Surprisingly you can find Bloodstone from different localities like Pakistan,Indonesia,Iran etc.

To fetch more knowledge about birthstones of March watch our video down below


My self Muhammad Ali Aqeel Abbas . I'm a certified Gemologist of Pakistan.

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