Is the Birthstone of February. Amythist is the purple verity of quartz. A gem which looks very expensive but actually isn’t that expensive 😁. Amythest comes with abundance of sizes. You can get a small piece of 10 cents as well as 10 feet geode. Thus it has variety to offer for the gems collectors. As a result it is the most popular variety of quartz.


Amythest is usually not treated. As its a cheap and readily available stone. Although treatment to citrine can result in Amethyst but it’s not a common practice.


Different shades puprle fall in amythest. From light purple to dark purple which is highly saturated and resembles purple TANZANITE.

To know more about the Birh stone of February watch the video.

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My self Muhammad Ali Aqeel Abbas . I'm a certified Gemologist of Pakistan.

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